Three watches

Three watches The seventies rural countryside, lack of food is a common phenomenon. A village of dozens of families a total of hundreds of people, almost no one watch. Watch at the time is so rare, very precious. At that time the father and mother are still very young, because his father in the field of coal mines to work, two people together from the more, the father is very loving mother, bought a watch to his mother. Mother's watch is a watch factory in Xi'an produced a butterfly watch. Watch is a silver-white metal case, the dial is golden yellow. In the front of the replica watches uk, the time scale of 12 points below, there seems to be a golden butterfly can dance. Watch the back of a lot of pinyin, there is a metal sculpture of the beautiful butterfly. Watch beautifully designed, looks nice, lovable. Mother very much cherish their own watches, in the countryside, she almost never really worn. Always watch the clockwork well, watch the time, and then listen to the sound attached to the ear, and then carefully wrapped handkerchief, placed under the pillow. Mothers do not wear watches, one is almost no need to watch in rural areas, and second, the mother is a person who does not like to show off, there is the most important reason, it is the father to buy a gift to his mother. Mother sometimes took out his watch to see the time, listen to the sound, as if his father in the same side. (Article read network: At that time I was very small, neither recognize the hands, do not know the time, do not know Hanyu Pinyin, I know that the mother's watch is very precious, is the mother's baby. When the mother carefully to come up with a watch, I also like to take the mother's watch, pretending to look at the time look, in fact, I see the above watches hands and butterflies. I also imitate the mother's appearance, the watch attached to the ear to listen to, I heard the sound of the clock ticking the exact time to go, I feel very wonderful, very warm. Later, the whole family to the mine, the family conditions gradually become a little better, and mine there are many people wore a watch, the mother began to wear watches. But only occasionally wear a Dai, not as people wear every day. As time goes on, rolex replica watches are almost no longer a rare thing. My sister and I want to change a few times to a more fashionable watch. Mother always refused. Mother said, I have watches Na, my watch is your dad bought me, but also a new Na. Mother to her this piece of butterfly watches often with a velvet wrap, put in a father to do a small wooden box, the above also added a lock. His father died, the mother is very sad, but she never shed tears in front of people. She often a person's time to himself, saying that some of his father's life when the words. I know that mother is missing his father. Sometimes, she would come up with a piece of the watch, silently looking at the distance, alone trance. On one occasion, the mother had a disease. Inferior physician in front of our face to us that his mother's illness is very heavy. Later, after treatment, the mother's disease gradually better. One morning, I accompanied the mother to go for a walk, afraid of the road slip to her fall, I gently took the mother's hand. At this time, I shines, I saw the mother's wrist, wearing a piece of butterfly watch. Although the watch is no longer fashionable, but the mother has been to maintain it like a brand new. My mother said to me, in my mind, there has been a butterfly, gold is done. I know, my mother and miss his father. With age, slowly I know, why the mother cherish that watch, she is in the treasure of his father and her feelings. In those days, although life is poor, the heart is very pure; although the conditions are arduous, feelings are very loyal. Wang Shiyan coal mine in the eighties, or vigorous and thriving era. At that time, the external window has been opened for the rise of China and the upsurge of reading once again set off a new upsurge in the Divine Land. As early as in high school, our school has a lot of students put on a watch. In fact, my heart is also a desire for a beautiful watch, but I have never been open to the parents to be too. That year I was quick to test the University, the father of the mother said, we have a lot of neighbors, children have watches, and small Kai also have a watch. Mother said, rest assured, some people children, we children will have. Mother asked me, small Kai, you say, you want to what brand of watch? I was in addition to know that the mother of the Butterfly brand watches, is often see my neighbor tiger (Li Xianfeng) and copper collar (Li copper collar) wearing a shiny watch, as for what brand, I really have not seen. I said, then I have a butterfly card it. Mother smiled and said, that I give you this one. I said, I do not want my mother's. Later, I was admitted to the university. In the time I do not know, father and mother quietly bought me a watch. That day, just the tiger playing in my house, the tiger asked my parents to buy me a watch, the mother took out the tiger to see, the tiger said it was very nice, and listened to the sound, said several times a good line. I worn my watch on my wrist, my heart flattered, but feel very accustomed to. The tiger said, you get used to for a period of time. And the tiger told me a lot of things to note, and how to winding, how to protect the experience of the watch. In the absence of replica watches attention, I have carefully watched the parents bought me this watch, the watch is a gem flower card, not only the appearance is very beautiful, that is, the design of the watches is also very delicate dial. So far more than thirty years have passed, the gem flower on the watch is still in my memory shine. I know that there are old under the family is small, a father to work very hard, the mother side to take care of the elderly and we also want to play temporary workers. Making money really is not easy. But they love me and my sister on the issue, has never hesitated, and no discount. Parents are using the money saved to give me the best gift to buy. They love the elderly and children, than their own. Although I was living in a family not rich, but I have never had to eat less wear experience; Although the family was very hard, but I live in the warmth of love, I was happy in the warm Children grow up in the environment. After the community, many people feel that I and others are not the same, I am more sincere than others is more kind, because I grew up living in a sincere and kind-hearted family. In college, I and Hou Jianye friendship is very profound. Hou Jianye's determination, fraternity, self-improvement often inspired me. In those lonely lonely years of youth, innocent friendship most unforgetwatches. Jianye family conditions better than me, often help me, also bought me my favorite book. Once he came to my quarters to play, we talk about the watch thing. At that time he just bought a Panda watch, I really like. Jianye the students of the students is always very willing to friends is also very generous, said, let us change the watch for you? I am naturally very happy, so I used my precious stones for Huaji Ye brand watches watch Panda brand. This Panda watch, I have been wearing to the university graduate. Walk into the workplace into the community, I gradually do not wear watches, watches all day on the desk drawer. Once, the big sister to see me there, buy me a lot of things. Very occasionally we talk about the watch thing. I said I basically do not wear a watch. Big sister said, then give me. I put this Panda watch to the big sister. With the changing times, do not know when to start, officials began to wear watches. Our society, officials not only lead the people, but also leading the fashion, so swarm like, more fashionable men wrist began to wear a golden Guangcan watch. Speaking very funny, there are three political representatives, there are official on the "big cousin", there are pieces in the "cousin", because the senior watch down a lot of corrupt officials. Small watch, did not expect in the great China, has become a tool for anti-corruption! Is the wonderful work of the world, but also the sorrow of China. According to media reports, a period of time, many government officials are afraid to wear a watch. Not ridiculous, but hateful. I can not escape, and my heart began to itch, but also want to wear a more fashionable men's watch. Later heard that the unit to the birthday gift, previously have, and now should have. But it is my turn to this unit, when such a good policy is not, so hope that the hope of the unit as soon as the hope of withered flowers. One day last year, cousin opened a wage, without hesitation in the online order of a watch, I was somewhat envious of the heart. Laughing to the cousin joked that you really know distressed themselves, do not know to buy me a? Cousin also joked with a smile, so I have money, so I have money. I laughed, when you can afford to buy me ah. Well, I still do not bar. Last year, when the Spring Festival, home to the New Year, one day love to come up with a watch, said my son bought me, and my heart moved, almost out of tears. This years, I have little to take care of his son, although more than concerned about the lack of capacity, the opportunity to see his son for several years are few, and the pressure of life is still urging me to forge ahead, a lot of aspirations are difficult to achieve. The more understanding his son, sensible know distressed people, the more the father's heart worried. Is proud of his son, but also deeply feel guilty and ashamed. In recent years, my son bought me a camera, bought a cell phone, bought shoes, bought a belt, bought a pen, bought clothes, bought electric heating, bought a watch, I gave his son what gave the son How many, whenever I think of the son and daughter, my father's heart is really sad, my dear children, you really obedient and very sensible. Looking at my son to my watch, I am very excited and very happy. But to tell the truth, and now I really did not wear too. One reason is that there is time on the phone, do not need to wear a watch; Second, I was a simple like do not like to show off more complex do not like to show off not to mention people. So my son gave me this watch, although I have time to take a look, and my heart is like, but really can not wear the. Although not wearing, I still cherish. Just as the mother was very cherish the father bought her the same piece of watches, I also very much love my son bought this watch.