Time watches adjustment

West Malaysia time uk replica watches wrong how to adjust it? Need to pay attention to what? 1. Cimar watch watch calendar calendar week, due to the different grid system into two kinds of speed, the first within ± 5 minutes to complete the calendar tab, the second in 3 hours to complete the calendar tab. 2. If you encounter a spiral watches with the West Malaysia replica watches uk, do not hard pull, the first anti-clockwise rotation to open the lock of the crown, and so adjust the time, the clock will be clockwise Xima watches rotation And pushed into the lock, so as not to water. 3. If you encounter a calendar with the need to adjust the date of the watches, first to The date of the calendar to adjust to the day before, then turn the clock to adjust the date when the needle after midnight 12:00 when the date will change over, so you can avoid the direct adjustment of the date of confusion caused by day and night. 4. calendar, week, moon phase adjustment do not choose between the swiss replica watches time 21:00 PM --- 3:00 AM, because during this period the calendar function is in operation, but also the gear meshing degree is low Of the time, frequent moves will damage the internal parts of the watches.