Burberry watch the use and maintenance of common sense

All pre-set waterproof performance levels of Burberry watches are not less than the rest of the (100 feet / 30 meters), waterproof and dustproof, moisture-proof, sports and wrist watch immersed in the prevention of sports injuries as the core of all aspects of health care supply. When the watch comes into contact with water, do not test to adjust the crown position, it closes. To prevent the movement caused by damage caused by the crown. High-quality generation, the lattice is Burberry classic micro, delicate, smooth, follow a simple brand design style, simple and rich sense of fashion, Burberry classic model and replica watches together, show the perfect modern watch. Lattice weaving, the success of the noble and elegant Burberry boutique essence to the inside, the square fine careful simplification, even in the eyepiece carefully watch is still perfect, creating a classic brand vivid impression, Burberry design art style in the "British classic grid timing" flash, There is a great creative style, independent of the small bell second pointer, twelve days that no matter the life and practical function is particularly good when the fashion. Protecting and valuing projects: Each watch is designed and manufactured to exceed the highest standards. And most other mechanical devices are not the same, this watches needs to continue to run. To ensure the best performance and application life, see the simple guide for your new watch repair knowledge and precautions. Burberry watch maintenance: Use only a soft cloth and water to clean the rolex replica . Do not put the watch in the water. After use, the water will be washed and wiped with a soft cloth. In order to keep the metal strip as fresh as possible, we recommend that you clean the belt regularly. Use a soft brush and a liquid fertilizer, then gently wipe clean the bracelet. We recommend that you every 18 to 24 months of protection and maintenance, to ensure that the use of permanent watches and to prevent contact failure. Focus on the project: The wristwatch is made by a skilled technician in the manufacture of various pieces of complex parts. Some operating or working background conditions may destroy or impair the normal operation of the clutch. Should be careful to prevent the uk replica watches following conditions: hot or cold, watch and the sun for a long time direct mapping; super-wrist watch waterproof rating wet and humid conditions requirements (see watches above cover text and graphics). When the watch is in contact with water, there is no function key or crown operation. Do not affect the impact of household appliances such as TV and stereo systems and magnetic effects, but it is recommended to avoid other strong electric fields or electrostatic interference, so as not to watch mechanism to run. Also pay attention to prevent excessive vibration or impact the watch.