Baidu watch features: Baidu watch what's the use?

Baidu watch features: Baidu watch what's the use? Baidu recently announced on the line in the smart watch on the first client: Baidu watch V1.0, according to official statement, Baidu watch V1.0 is for Google's Android smart watch operating system (Android Wear) developed search client, has Officially landing Google App Store. The main function Function, Baidu V1.0 flagship feature for voice search, and the search results will be optimized for smart watches, Baidu said it is Baidu search to move the smart watch dial. Baidu watch products, said: in the construction of smart replica watches ecological aspects, Baidu want to play their own advantages in search technology, search and intelligent hardware integration. future development In fact, the shape of the Internet search is changing, the search results from the text chain turned to sound, animation, video and so on, the search method from text to voice, pictures and so on. Baidu side, said that with the intelligent equipment stationed in all aspects of daily life, the search will become ubiquitous, more scene-oriented services to users, become an integral part of life. It is understood that the future Baidu watch will launch for lovers, family and other close relationships set love reminder, based on the watch and mobile phone associated on-line "find your phone" phone search and so on. Baidu open play smart watch applications: main voice search function Baidu declared that the want to search for the contents of the uk replica watches to say, wait a few seconds, the search results will be in the form of the corresponding text or picture displayed on the dial. Such as search, such as "the Imperial Palace a few points to open the door" and other keywords, the Baidu watch will show for the watch customization and optimization of search results. When the user struck a specific result, the watch is connected to the mobile phone side via Bluetooth, the phone side presents a more complete content. Baidu announced that the face of increasingly frequent haze, dust and other inclement weather, just watch a custom Baidu warm card reminders, you can in the special weather before the arrival of the box out of the rolex replica uk reminder to remind the user to wear a mask or rain gear . According to the plan, the future of Baidu watches will also try to set up loving reminder for the intimate relationship between family and other lovers, based on the watch and mobile phone association on-line "find your phone" mobile phone search and so on, also can provide streamlined search interaction.