Apple watch ban on college entrance examination

June 7 to 8 is the National Entrance Day this year. In the examination room, the reporter saw the use of eye-catching reminder: "Candidates carry cell phones and other illegal to send or receive information equipment into the examination room, such as rolex replica watches , some sports bracelets and other new electronic products, also with storage Function, all can not take. The annual Chinese college entrance examination will be held on June 7, 8. In Beijing, nearly 68,000 candidates will enter the more than 2,000 test centers to start the "race." These candidates are not a person in the "battle", Beijing Armed Police, traffic, health and other departments will protect the college entrance examination Qi battle smoothly. This year, a total of 67,816 people in Beijing to participate in the college entrance examination, compared with last year to reduce more than 2,000 people, this is the number of college entrance examination for the ninth consecutive year of Beijing dropped a total of 101 test sites, more than 2,000 test rooms. Because some of the test center names are very similar, such as "Beijing eleven schools" and "Beijing eleventh middle school", the two places far apart. To this end, 6, many candidates ahead of time, "check out the location" to avoid the day of the college entrance examination wrong. In order to allow candidates to review, rest, examination in a quiet environment, the Beijing Municipal Government issued a notice requiring the construction site around 500 meters around the test site shall not be construction, foreign language examination during all construction operations suspended all part of the bus line rejection station detour To reduce noise interference. At the same time, large conferences and events are forbidden, calling for a reduction in sports, entertainment and business promotions. Unlike in previous years, this year's college entrance examination period, Beijing canceled "send test vehicles are not limited by the five-day limit line," the care measures, transfer of private cars subject to the provisions of the motor vehicle restrictions. 8 day college entrance examination the swiss replica watches next day, coincides with the traffic pressure on Monday, the Beijing Municipal Traffic Management Bureau said it would start a high-grade on-duty program and personalized counseling program; Beijing subway that will focus on candidates for the station to open up dedicated channels, With tickets can give priority ticket, priority security, priority stop. During the college entrance examination, Beijing health emergency department will also send more than 100 vehicles, more than 300 ambulance doctors, each ambulance equipped with heatstroke drugs, trauma package and other medical supplies for the candidates to provide health protection. In addition, the first aid, public security, transport sector will link for the emergency candidates to open up green channel, timely transfer. This year, Beijing has strengthened the "examination security." The reporter learned from the Beijing Education Examination Institute, this year's college entrance examination proposition in the strict examination of the qualifications of qualified personnel by the Beijing Armed Police fighters are responsible for the security workplace into the places; papers from the printing plant to the test area for GPS positioning and mobile video monitoring; , The invigilator to be carried through the dedicated channel paper directly into the examination room, the distribution of papers will be all-round, no dead ends surveillance video. To prevent radio fraud, the Beijing Municipal Radio Authority this year will strengthen the test center around the inspection, monitoring the frequency of illegal signals. It is worth noting that this year candidates to bring personal valid ID card and admission ticket two documents into the examination room. However, the "sloppy" mid-year have, therefore, some test centers will be placed in the test center entrance gate, if the students forgot the documents, as long as the personal information and the examination room stub information will be allowed to enter the test center. This year, Beijing also provides, invigilators and candidates to prohibit the carrying of mobile phones, cameras, video, scanning and other equipment, in particular, candidates are not allowed to carry watches with electronic functions, and only wear "with a conventional dial, an adjusting button" The uk replica watches invigilator must wear plain, not allowed to wear high heels, miniskirts, not perfume. Even if the department has done enough homework, Beijing will also be deployed during the college entrance examination, police, criminal investigation, law and order and other police forces in the central area and around the test center to increase police patrols to detect illegal criminal activities to prevent any involving candidates Criminal, law and order cases, to protect the security and order of the test center. 6, Beijing Meteorological Department released during the college entrance examination weather forecast, the first day of the 7th entrance, clear and negative, the capital of the western and northern afternoon thunderstorms; Meteorological departments to remind candidates and parents, Beijing has entered the flood season, need to pay close attention to weather forecasts, make travel arrangements during the examination.